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Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

kameda is my otp. deal with it.

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KameDa is my OTP. Deal with it.

yumemirunosekai - Real name is Chris. Nice to meet you.

OTP - KameDa is their OTP (and will be forever). Deal with it.

fanfiction - Loves reading them especially kinky ones more than they do writing them.

Daily Life - Asian with the tendency of flipping over tables in school when someone insults my OTP or KAT-TUN in any way.

Friends (school) - They don't get why they adore KAT-TUN at all. But I don't give a fuck

Friends (online) - Flail heaven. A place where this crazy person can spam/be annoying/be obnoxious/be stakerish/flail/scream/cry/ship/capslock/keymash all they like and NO ONE CAN STOP them.

Warning - This crazy person will stalk you if your journal contains even a lick of KameDa. You have been warned.

profile by Citta Costiera | Kingdom of KameDa shipping | Have a cookie as thanks for these amazing fics | The KameDa Wishing Well | My Shameless Flailing

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